LEXI Promo BR Web Scripting Bridge

At Sage, we have noticed a great need for custom software development for the small to midsize business in the BR and AX markets.

We are a team of devoted programmers, developers and designers specializing in Business Rules programming and Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations.

With over 80 years of combined experience programming for the Business Rules market we are the only company servicing and maintaining old WB and BR Software.

We have experience with all varieties of BR. We can work with BR on Linux, Macintosh, Windows and Client Server. We can make your BR programs run on a cellphone, pda, portable bar code scanner or the world wide web. We can make your BR programs collect data from the internet, integrate with an SQL database, automatically send emails, and automatically create PDFs.

We regularly provide innovation in the BR Software Development Market and have designed from the ground up a number of very powerful development tools for the BR programmer. Many of these are free.



The FileIO library is a powerful BR library designed to aid the BR programmer in Read and Write access in a revolutionary way that brings much of the convenience of SQL to the BR Programmer. If FileIO is used properly, your File Layouts become the source for your BR Form Statements and your read/write access. Using FileIO also gives the BR Programmer access to a whole host of powerful development tools.


The ScreenIO library is a powerful library that builds on FileIO. ScreenIO is the fastest way we know of to develop business software.

A ScreenIO license is now included in the purchase of your BR license, in all copies of BR 4.32c and higher. Contact Gordon Dye of Business Rules Corp at gordon.dye@brulescorp.com , or (248) 619-0400 to update your BR license to the latest version. If you already have the appropriate BR license, then simply download ScreenIO from the link above! To use ScreenIO in older versions of BR, a special license may be purchased from Sage AX. For information, contact Gabriel Bakker of Sage AX at gabriel.bakker@gmail.com .


Entering line numbers is a constant distraction to the flow of creative thought. Programmers shouldn't have to concern ourselves with counting line numbers when we have computers to count for us. Allow LEXI to handle these cumbersome details for you. Enjoy better focus and greater productivity today.

Web Scripting Bridge

The BR Web Scripting Bridge is a free tool that enables the BR programmer to write interactive web pages that seamlessly integrate with your existing software suite. See the Sourceforge Page below for more information about the BR Web Scripting Bridge.

Audit BR

Audit BR is a powerful addon to FileIO that creates an Audit Log and can compare your BR data files between any two points in time. Using Audit BR will make your debugging and development more effecient, and it can also be used to find problems and fix them before they become bigger.